Heart & Lightning Bolt:

Passion & energy. Put your heart and soul into all that you do in life.


This symbol suggests that he or she has endured many adversities and outlasted much difficulty.
The tightly curled fronds of young ferns are deceptive and it would be impossible to guess what a full grown fern would look like at this stage of development. Human kind is the same. Our consciousness must be awakened through life experience, learning, and awareness. Like the fern, we grow and flourish if we unfurl toward light or truth. It represents new growth or new beginnings. The fern is a symbol of strength within a family or community. It exemplifies endurance and resourcefulness. We hope that our competitors will find that it represents their experience. 
This event will be no easy task. 

Take from it what you will:
To invoke fear or caution, To celebrate life and the memory of the dead.
As a symbol of life after death, a symbol of change.
A means of obtaining good luck or avoiding bad luck.
A symbol of toughness, courage, bravery or indifference to death and danger.
A symbol of nonconformity, free-thinking, and rebelliousness.