I'm not sure if I'm ready to compete in A TPK Event:
Signing up is the hardest part. We encourage anyone who is interested to come out and compete.  We create a course that will challenge and reward a wide range of skill sets. Our goal is not to make you quit, in fact we want everyone to finish. Be warned that these races are designed to push you to your limit during each stage over the course of the event. Only you will know if you are ready. If you're not we'd love to have you as a volunteer. Please select the "contact us" tab to register as such.

The Course:

The TPK Endurance courses will incorporate the beauty and challenges of the existing desert mountain terrain. You will find unique challenges and tasks awaiting you at many points in the race. Each stage is marked and led by a Race director.

What's the weather and terrain like?:
This is a desert. A mountainous one. you might get wet. there will be elevation gain. It is hot, cold, dry, and wet. It is natures oxy-moron. Bring water.


You must take responsibility for yourself and know your limits while pushing them. We will do everything we can to ensure that athletes are safe. There are portions of the trails that will be marked and portions that will require map and compass navigation. Medics will be available during the race.

Do I get any rad swag?:
YES! We have work with @toybox_monster and @foreveroutside in the past to come up with unique shirt designs and finishers awards. Expect some very rad swag. 

When do I get the gear list?
One month prior to the race you will receive an athletes handbook. The handbook will list everything you need for the event.  it will also provide some limited details about the stages and tasks.  We cannot spoil all the surprises. training for these prior to the event will give you an advantage. Any food, gear, or clothing that athletes want access to during the stages must be carried. These are self-supported events. Bring what you need to survive in the desert for 30+ hours.

Are there prizes?
Yes.  Every competitor that finishes TPK Event will receive a magic token commemorates their accomplishment.  Additionally, there will be prizes for the overall winners in each category.

How is the competition scored?:

TPK ENDUrance - Each stage of the event is given a weight. The more difficult stages will be weighed heavier. We will rank you based on your performance in each stage and assign points accordingly. the team that finishes tPK Endurance  with the most points wins! Most stages will have a time limit, with certain criteria that must be met (like navigating to a minimum number of checkpoints). there will also be time trials, unique tasks, and mental challenges.

Other EVENTS - TPK puts on other events that may have a different scoring system. Refer to that specific event for those details.

"there is no such thing as bad weather, just weak people." -Bill bowerman